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Pirate Adventure Packages



Ahoy me hearties and Welcome to the best party in town!
If it’s Pirate Adventure you’re looking for, join the Loveable scallywag “Captain Jack Swallow”, the delectable “Saucy Sal” and the beautiful “Sirens of the Sea” aboard the “White Pearl” for this Swashbuckling show!
Come aboard as they take you on a journey through the stormy seas in search of the hidden treasure, stopping at various ports along the way to experience the local delights and festivities!
Featuring top class vocals, amazing dancing, hilarious comedy lots of sing-a-long, sway-a-long fun! And huge amounts of audience participation!

Set List
* Pirate Overture * A Pirate’s Life for Me * Holding Out For A Hero
* Wild Rover * Riverdance * Be Our Guest
* Can Can * Volare * Jai Ho * Let’s Get Loud * Let’s Limbo * Get On Your Feet

Please Note…..There is also a Children’s version of this show available called ‘A Pirate’s Adventure’

This show includes full ‘Pirate’ backdrop/scenery, PA and Lighting and has set timings of either 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 35 minutes.
Meet & Greet also available.



Naval Packet Victorian nautical music and songs. Vocals, shanties (depending on line-up) Accordian, Fiddle, Whistle, Mandolin, Banjo, Melodeon etc.

Performance 2 x 45 or 1 x 1 hour.

Price From £450.00 Duo / £650.00 Trio

Music Sample
Naval Packet



Strolling or Stationed Human Living Tables do exactly as they say….. full of Pirate Adventure with elegance and poise our beautiful performers will light up the room as they walk around the room with a moving table. perfect for champagne, cup cakes, canopies, deserts and more. With a wide range of Caribbean themes available you guests will be served throughout the event without having the hassle of even getting up.

Strolling Tables
Price From £375.00 for 1 or £700.00 for 2

Stilt Walkers
Price From £350.00 for 1 or £650.00 for 2



Coconut Shy
Tin Can Alley
Shooting Gallery
Ball in a Jar
Ball in a Bucket

Price from £390.00 each
All the above stalls are with Operator and £40.00 worth of prizes.
(minimum of 3 stalls)

Hook-a-Duck complete with Operator and prize every time
Price From £450.00

Candy Floss with Operator and consumables
Price From £490.00

Quickdraw with Operator
Price From £490.00

Special Offer!
any 3 Side
Stalls from
plus travel

excluding Candy Floss



Freestyle Fire Performance
Fire performance is a visually stunning and incredibly versatile form of performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations it is guaranteed to turn heads and add that element of the spectacular to any event.
Our fire performance team has a diverse range of skills, and can tailor their shows to meet the needs of your event. Whether you are looking for something special to greet your guests as they arrive at your venue, or something to really make your event end with a bang, these are the guys for you.


Freestyle Glow Performance
Whether fire performance isn’t suitable for your venue, or you are just looking for a something a bit different to theme your event, our glow performers are guaranteed to wow any crowd. Using a wide range of equipment, our glow performers are able to paint vivid shapes and pictures in the air with light. They are a perfect accompaniment for any clubbing night. Glow has one major advantage over fire, it allows our performers to move in and amongst the guests at your events, performing up close and personal and involving the guests as part of the act. Our glow performances are compatible with any of our standard themes, and can be incorporated into any custom costumes upon request.

Price From £350.00 per performer

glow 180-177

Theme Props for hire

Package 1

20x10ft Pirate Treasure Backdrop
20x10ft Pirate Battle Backdrop
20x10ft Treasure Map Backdrop
20x10ft Porthole Backdrop
Life Size Resin Cast Pirate Statue
Life Size Resin Cast Indian Chief Statue
3x 3ft Wooden Barrels
Lighting to light props
Rigging for Backdrops
Staff to set-up and remove

TOTAL FROM £1080.00 + VAT

Package 2

20x10ft Pirate Treasure Backdrop
20x10ft Pirate Battle Backdrop
20x10ft Treasure Map Backdrop
15x10ft Pirate Battle Backdrop
20x10ft Porthole Backdrop
8x8ft Wooden 3D Porthole Walkway
Life Size Resin Cast Cowboy Statue
Life Size Resin Cast Indian Chief Statue
3x 3ft Wooden Barrels
Lighting to light props
Rigging for Backdrops
Staff to set-up and remove

TOTAL FROM £1750.00 + VAT

Package 3

20ftx10ft Parisian Backdrop
20ftx10ft Moonlight Scene Backdrop
20ftx10ft Showgirls Backdrop
20ftx10ft Dancing Girls Backdrop
20ftx10ft Street Scene Backdrop
20ftx10ft Street Backdrop
10ftx10ft Eiffel Tower Backdrop
10ftx10ft Heart Backdrop
8x8ft Street Backdrop
TWO x 8ftx1ft Moulin Rouge Banners
TWO x 20ftx10ft Starcloths
9x12ft Heart Walkway
Life Size Resin Cast Indian Chief Statue
Life Size Resin Cast Squaw Statue
TWO x 6ft Flame Lights
TWO x 8ft Working Street Lights
Red Carpet, Rope & Posts
Lighting for Backdrops and Props
Rigging for Backdrops, Rigging for Starcloths
Delivery, Staff to set-up and remove

TOTAL FROM £2940.00 + VAT

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